Make Sure You Avoid these Costly Energy Efficiency Mistakes

Everyone wants their home to be more energy efficient. And when you’re looking to save some cash and lower your energy usage, there are certain things every homeowner will try. But are these the most efficient ways for your to make your home more energy efficient?  Let’s take a look and see.

Buying New Windows to Fix Drafts

You might think buying new windows to replace your old draft ones is a smart move. But this isn’t always the case. New windows for your home can be very expensive. Instead, you should consider insulating your basement and attic, and sealing up your windows.

Closing Vents in Empty Rooms

Let’s say you have some rooms you never use. Maybe it’s an empty bedroom or a study that is usually unoccupied. You might think the best course of action is to close the vent in those rooms. But the truth is, closing vents only forces that air into other rooms, which can raise your systems air pressure (causing it to work harder). You’re better off simply leaving them open.

Installing a New Fan in the Attic

Many homeowners put up with this issue. Their attic is way too hot, which means that their air conditioner has to work much harder. So what is the solution? You probably assume it’s time to go ahead and install a (very expensive) attic fan. But there is a cheaper solution. Instead, consider adding more insulation, and sealing up any cracks in your attic. Doing so is way less expensive and can drastically reduce the heat.

Article source: Angie’s List

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