Enlist Martinsburg AC Repair Services For Your Cooling Needs

When you need a full-range of air conditioning services, Martinsburg AC repair has just what you are looking for. We are an experienced group of professionals who specialize in the air conditioning services you need – especially during these hot summer months. We are also available for you year round for heating and energy-efficient geothermal systems.

Whether you are looking for the best AC Repair for your home or business air conditioning system, we have the technicians who know how to get the work done quickly, efficiently and professionally. There will be very little interruption to your personal or business day while we perform repairs.

Do You Know When You Need Affordable AC Repair And Service?

Before you call a technician to perform services or repairs there are several things you need to ensure before making a large investment into your unit. It’s a good idea to give your unit a complete checkup before enlisting services. It is definitely an investment because your system can often cost you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year if it doesn’t work properly. That’s why we are the right air conditioning and heating repair company for the services you need. The following are the things you should consider first:

  1. Is the unit more than 10 years old?
  2. Is the need for repairs becoming more frequent?
  3. Does your energy bill continue to increase?
  4. Does your home cool properly?
  5. Does your unit always randomly turn off and on?

Once these questions are answered our professionals are prepared to give you an in-house evaluation. We have comfort consultants who will assess your business or home at no cost and provide the information you need regarding your unit while also considering what best suits your budget. The system we design for you will be an ideal fit for your location and budget. And, should the need arise we, at Martinsburg AC repair, provide air quality and dehumidifying products to ensure your absolute comfort on even the hottest of days.

Review The Products From Martinsburg AC Repair Services

Before you decide, however, you can take a look at our cooling systems to see that we provide premier products. We have ultra-efficiency units, super efficiency units, high efficiency units and standard efficiency units to choose from. Our high efficiency units offer the highest quality of cooling. Let’s consider the XB16.

This air conditioning unit has efficient performance with a SEER rating of up to 16.50 and is the optimal choice for maintaining the comfort of your home. It has increased energy-efficiency that could substantially lower the cooling costs of your home as well as highly durable construction with all materials repeatedly tested for long-lasting reliability and performance. And, as an important bonus, this unit makes your indoor air quality cleaner and healthier. You can have Trane CleanEffects™ added to your system for advanced air filtrations that removes allergens from you home including pollen, dust and other irritants leaving the air in your home more comfortable, healthier and cleaner.

Another great feature we provide is geothermal air conditioning, which is also available for heating. A geothermal system accesses the earth’s steady and even underground temperatures that regulate your home’s temperature.

We just told you about a high efficiency unit with high quality cooling, and you’ll find the same top quality features in the ultra-efficiency units that are top of the line, the super efficiency units that are packed with features and the standard efficiency units with reliable performance. Today’s air conditioning units are much more efficient and comfortable than they have ever been in the past. It doesn’t matter the size of your home, when you need cooling, comfort or cleaner air, we at Martinsburg AC repair are dedicated to providing you with the very best for your investment so you can ensure your home’s comfort for you and your family.

As a reputable AC Repair company, we have 23 years of providing quality service installation and repair to home and business owners. With that said, we are enthused about providing those services to you as well. Don’t forget when you have questions or need service and repairs contact Martinsburg AC Repair company for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Who Should You Contact for AC Repair in Martinsburg West Virginia?

The cold winter months are slowly disappearing. Before we can blink our eyes it will be summer. Summer brings long days, barbecues and other lots of fun activities. Summer also brings hot weather. Make sure to be keeping cool by turning on your air conditioner to beat the heat. Maybe last year your air conditioner was running great. But don’t be caught off guard this year when you go turn on your system and find that it isn’t running smoothly. What would be even worse is if it wasn’t working at all. This is where we come in. Our fabulous team at Shenandoah Air is here to help when your air conditioner is running poorly or is not running at all.

Can Shenandoah Air Come to my Martinsburg, West Virginia Home?

The answer to this question is yes! Shenandoah Air is the leader in AC Repair in Martinsburg, West Virginia. We service all of Martinsburg and the surrounding area. We will come out and repair any type of ac system. Our repair technicians are very familiar with the area. We take pride in the fact that the residents of Martinsburg are able to call us for any type of AC repair. We can come out to your home at any time. We even do repairs on evenings and weekends. We are known for having the fastest response time in the Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan County, West Virginia area. We will not make you wait for hours or days to have your AC repaired. We have a proven track record on reliability and fast response time. We are also not a new AC repair company. We have been in business since 1992.

How Do I know that I am Hiring a Reputable Company?

Our customers are what gives us such a strong reputation. We rely on our customer satisfaction as part of what makes us such a good company for AC Repair in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Feel free to check our Testimonials page on our website. Our customer testimonials are written by real customers for whom we have performed a variety of services for. This includes customers that we have done AC repair for. After reading through the various testimonials we know that we will the one that any future customer would want to contact for AC Repair in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The testimonials are honest and that is what we want our company to be known for. Honesty, reliability and a proven track record are the key component as to what makes us such well-established air conditioning repair company. We guarantee that our customer testimonials help us build a better business.

How Can I Receive an Estimate for AC Repair in Martinsburg, West Virginia?

We know that having your AC repaired might be a worrisome experience. The one thing that causes most people to decide against having their air conditioner repaired is the cost. That is why it is always a good idea to first get an estimate before deciding on having an air conditioner repaired. By having an estimate done first, a potential new repair customer will have a better idea of what new parts will be needed, how much the labor charge will be and approximately how long the repair will take. We offer our customers more than one way to receive an estimate for ac repair. The easiest way is to just give us a call. By calling us we can give basic information regarding a repair. Another way is fill out an estimate request on our webpage. By doing so, we can get an idea of how much work might possibly be involved and what parts might be required to perform the repair. The most common way to get an estimate is to have us come out to the home to check the problem. A trained technician will troubleshoot the problem, determine what parts are needed and how much labor time will be involved. The technician will then write up a written estimate and present it. After that it’s all up to the customer to decide whether or not they want to use us to repair their AC system. But we don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t want to use us. So contact us now before the temperatures start to rise by visiting our website at https://www.shenandoahair.com/about-us/.

We Can Save Your Day with Local AC Repair

If you want your home to be comfortable, there are many things that you must do. First of all, it is paramount that you make sure your air conditioning unit is working properly, and with good reason. The obvious reason of course is to make sure that it remains cool during the hottest months of the year, but you should also consider the elimination of allergens from your home.

A properly working air conditioner can actually help with this, so long as you give it the proper support, and of course ensure that you perform the right maintenance. What does this mean exactly? A lot of things really, and it all starts with a pre-season checkup. That being said, let’s talk about affordable AC repair and how your system can help to significantly reduce allergens in the air.

Seeking Affordable AC Repair for your Home

It is difficult to overstate just how important reliable AC repair is, especially when it comes to your home. First of all, you need to concern yourself with the typical particles in the air. These are often tracked in from the outside, or enter through open windows in your home. These particle generally become allergens, and those who suffer from any kind of allergies will find that these are most certainly not pleasurable. That being said, the air conditioner is quite the expert at sucking allergens from the air, but it comes at a bit of a cost.

Because there is a filter on the intake duct, all of these allergens end up stuck in the filter, and while this might not make much of a difference at first, the filter will eventually become overly clogged, and at some point the air conditioner will fail to bring in new air. The unit will work harder until eventually it simply ceases to work at all. When such a thing happens, you will be looking at a massive repair bill, and it is definitely not something that you want to deal with. In other words, you will want to replace your filter long before such a thing actually happens.

If you want to augment the capability of your air conditioner, it is recommended that you add air filters to your home so that they can capture the particles before they actually see the filter at your air conditioner’s intact duct. This is a bit of an expensive option, as you probably know, but it is also a great way to save yourself some money in the long run.

In addition to placing air filters throughout your home, it would be a good idea to make sure that your air conditioning ducts are properly cleared of debris. If you think that debris are bad OUTSIDE of your air conditioning unit, you have yet to see the effects they can have when they are inside. They can easily clog the machine, which ultimately will result in a more expensive service call than you were anticipating. It is unfortunate, but it does happen, and it is something that you will want to try to prevent.

Other Considerations for your Air Conditioning Unit

licensed AC Repair techniciansWith licensed AC Repair technicians you can be rest assured that your unit will be in good repair, and that it will be ready for the season. There are many considerations to be made, for example, the amount of refrigerant in your unit. If it falls below the proper level, you will find that your AC unit can easily fail and become non-functional long before its time.

This is just one of the maintenance procedures that we can perform for you, and in the end, you will be glad that you spent the extra money to make sure that your unit was in good shape for the season. It’s time to start getting ready, because the hottest months of the year will be here at any moment.


Keep Your Machine Running Right with Licensed AC Repair

Your air conditioner sits in your basement, or in a closet of your home, mostly unseen, but definitely heard. When it does kick into action you might have your complaints about it, and you might turn up your television in a rather annoyed fashion, but the air conditioner serves more of a purpose than you might realize.

Yes, it keeps you cool, but it also serves to maintain the humidity in your home, and it even determine whether or not the integrity of the structure is actually maintained. That being said, it is within everyone’s best interest to make sure that your air conditioner is properly maintained, and this will involve the utmost attention on your part. One of the best things you can do is make sure that you perform maintenance before the warm season starts, and of course at least once after it ends.

Electric and gas both require different types of care, and for this reason you should trust a true licensed AC repair specialist in Martinsburg, who has been there and has performed the repairs numerous times.

The best AC Repair Starts with Preventative Maintenance

Your air conditioner has a few very basic parts:

Condenser UnitThis part sits outdoors and is connected to the indoor unit. It will feature a fan as well as several electrical components including a capacitor. Though it only performs half of the job, most people refer to this as the air conditioner.

Indoor UnitThis unit sits either in your basement or on the downstairs floor of your home.

DuctworkThe ductwork in your home helps to transfer the air from one point to the next, and it is imperative that the ducts remain clean, which should be a part of your pre and post season maintenance.

When you have a pre-season checkup performed there are certain items that must be taken care of. For example, a reputable AC Repair technician will check the refrigerant levels and determine whether or not there is a leak anywhere in the system. If there is a leak, then low levels of refrigerant can actually burn out your compressor, resulting in one of the most costly air conditioning repairs.

In addition to checking the refrigerant levels, all electrical components and controls to ensure that they will be responsive when you actually need them. Inside the air conditioning unit are several motors which must be properly oiled, and the condenser should be checked for any possible issues. Your AC technician will check a number of other systems, one of which will be the thermostat; a part of the furnace that controls the automatic functionality.

When the temperature raises above the desired level, the thermostat will detect it, and tell the air conditioner to kick into action. Once this is don’t, the unit will continue to run until such time as the temperature is evened out. You can probably see the issue with this, especially when the electric bill begins to raise considerably.

AC Repair in Martinsburg West Virginia

It is not a question of IF you will have problems with your air conditioning unit, but more a question of when. You do not typically have control over whether or not there will be an issue, however you can minimize the amount of maintenance needed so long as you follow the advice mentioned in this article, and of course make sure you listen to your air conditioning professional.

The inspections and maintenance can be a bit expensive, as you might imagine, but you will find that it is far cheaper to perform the pre-season checkups than it would be to replace compressor or any other expensive part within the air conditioning unit. Make sure you call on us the next time you need a hand with your air conditioning unit.

We will not only give you the best service, but we will do so as an insured and bonded company, ready to serve as your pleasure and make sure you are taken care of long after we leave.