Get The Best AC Repair in Hagerstown West Virginia

If you’re looking for a licensed AC Repair service that is also a local AC repair service, you’ve come to the right place.  When the heat gets bad, looking for the most affordable AC repair company may be secondary to just getting the job done, but if you rush the process, you may not find the most reliable AC repair company you can. And that’s where we come in. We have no qualms about referring to ourselves as the best AC repair company in the area, as well as the most professional AC repair company this side of the state. We’re proud to say that we’ve cornered the market when it comes to AC repair in Hagerstown.

As a family owned business, we have been providing the top notch AC repair Hagerstown needs, including repair and installation of heating and air conditioning systems since 1992. All you have to do is ask the residents we service in order to understand first hand why we’re the best.

Why use Shenandoah for Your AC Repair in Hagerstown, WV?

If you are contacting a professional Hagerstown AC repair company to repair your air conditioning unit, one of two things can happen.  The first is that repair work is done.  By the end of one of our trained technician’s visits, you will be able to rest in a nice climate controlled environment quickly.  The second, can hurt. You may end up having to replace your air conditioning unit.  Because air conditioning units have such a long lifespan, there may be times when even though you have only called one of the Hagerstown AC repair companies out once, previous owners may have contacted them on several occasions, indicating that the air conditioning unit is a little faultier than you previously thought. Little did you know, you bought a house with a faulty AC unit. But don’t worry, Hagerstown AC repair, Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. will get you out trouble at a price you can afford.

When it comes to Hagerstown AC repair services, we understand that you have options. But, do not allow another professional Hagerstown AC repair service may fast talk you into services or “deals” that you may not need or understand.  We will always make sure that you understand exactly what is going on and clearly explain our services to you.  We always encourage questions, which makes our services superior to other contractors in our field.

Maintenance Tips for Your AC Repair Company in Hagerstown

AC repair companies in Hagerstown may want to sell you on this you don’t need. In order to prevent this, it’s important to understand your AC unit. When it comes to repairs, a majority of our cases come from a lack of maintenance from the owner.  With a properly maintained air conditioning unit, you can not only prevent early unit replacement, but you can also optimize your unit’s cooling power as well as lowering your electric bills over the hot summer months.  Other AC repair services in Hagerstown are not as invested in educating the homeowner, as this could result in more business for them. As the premier AC repair service in Hagerstown, we pride ourselves and thrive on an excellent reputation.

We want your unit to last a lifetime. Plus, proper maintenance will lower your bills, since your unit doesn’t have to work as hard. That’s why when you call us for a routine maintenance checkup, we will check that the ducts are clean and functional.  If your ductwork is full of debris, you can’t expect your air conditioning to work at its best with obstructions in its way.  We offer an air duct cleaning service, which will not only help with your unit’s functionality, but it also removes allergens such as molds, dust, and pet dander.  If you have a family member with allergies or asthma, our air duct services can help them as well breathe easier. Call us to learn more about how to lower your bills and create a healthy, safe, comfortable environment for your entire family.

Licensed AC Repair Can Make all the Difference in the House

Your home is an important place, and if you are to keep it nice, you will need to make sure you have working systems and appliances. We aren’t talking about the television, though having one that works is definitely paramount to your happiness on weekdays. No, instead we are talking about your air conditioner, and as you probably know by now, keeping yours in working condition is not always the easiest thing in the world. There are a few maintenance chores and tasks that you can see to on your own, of course, but when it comes right down to it, you need professional AC repair, and if you do it right, you can actually make it so that you aren’t paying an arm and a leg.

Call for Help Before you Need Help

Have you ever gone to the doctor for a checkup? If so, have you ever found that it revealed an underlying problem? The same goes for your air conditioning unit, though unlike a human body, it is not quite as complex, and most problems have a definitive solution. For this reason, AC repair in Hagerstown is not only important, it is absolutely vital if you are going to survive the coming hot months.

The long cold is finally over, and before you know it, the heat wave is going to be upon us. It isn’t going to be pretty, and once again, going outside is probably going to be a chore. Fortunately, with the right air conditioning unit, you will have the opportunity to come home at night and enjoy the crisp cool interior of your domicile. In order for this to happen, you will need to order a pre-season checkup, and springtime really is the best time for you to arrange it.

The checkup will simply involve making sure none of your parts have been damaged and most importantly that the air conditioning unit is ready to take on the next few months of non-stop operation. Changing the filter is just one basic example, but it is still quite important. The unit will be sucking in air for the duration of the summer, and with a clean filter, it will be able to do so without much effort. If the filter is dirty, however your air conditioning unit will work twice as hard, and it is possible for the interior components to actually break down. With a good local AC repair company on your side however, this is not something that you will have to worry about.

Help When you Need It

AC repair in HagerstownSometimes a basic checkup won’t do the trick. After all, an air conditioner is a machine, and machines do break down from time to time. That being the case, we will not only be available for AC Repair Hagerstown, we will actually strive to be there 24/7. After all, your air conditioner works on a schedule, but it will not necessarily break down on a schedule. The last thing youw ant is to find yourself without cool air in the middle of the night!

When it comes to your air conditioner, what you need is a good company that is able to provide you service, and of course, make sure that it is covered by a warranty This is not always the easiest thing to find, but with our help and your determination, you can make sure that your unit is up and running for the foreseeable future, and that it has the proper efficiency, which is the most important thing of all, especially when it comes to that monthly bill.



Keep Your Machine Running Right with Licensed AC Repair

Your air conditioner sits in your basement, or in a closet of your home, mostly unseen, but definitely heard. When it does kick into action you might have your complaints about it, and you might turn up your television in a rather annoyed fashion, but the air conditioner serves more of a purpose than you might realize.

Yes, it keeps you cool, but it also serves to maintain the humidity in your home, and it even determine whether or not the integrity of the structure is actually maintained. That being said, it is within everyone’s best interest to make sure that your air conditioner is properly maintained, and this will involve the utmost attention on your part. One of the best things you can do is make sure that you perform maintenance before the warm season starts, and of course at least once after it ends.

Electric and gas both require different types of care, and for this reason you should trust a true licensed AC repair specialist in Martinsburg, who has been there and has performed the repairs numerous times.

The best AC Repair Starts with Preventative Maintenance

Your air conditioner has a few very basic parts:

Condenser UnitThis part sits outdoors and is connected to the indoor unit. It will feature a fan as well as several electrical components including a capacitor. Though it only performs half of the job, most people refer to this as the air conditioner.

Indoor UnitThis unit sits either in your basement or on the downstairs floor of your home.

DuctworkThe ductwork in your home helps to transfer the air from one point to the next, and it is imperative that the ducts remain clean, which should be a part of your pre and post season maintenance.

When you have a pre-season checkup performed there are certain items that must be taken care of. For example, a reputable AC Repair technician will check the refrigerant levels and determine whether or not there is a leak anywhere in the system. If there is a leak, then low levels of refrigerant can actually burn out your compressor, resulting in one of the most costly air conditioning repairs.

In addition to checking the refrigerant levels, all electrical components and controls to ensure that they will be responsive when you actually need them. Inside the air conditioning unit are several motors which must be properly oiled, and the condenser should be checked for any possible issues. Your AC technician will check a number of other systems, one of which will be the thermostat; a part of the furnace that controls the automatic functionality.

When the temperature raises above the desired level, the thermostat will detect it, and tell the air conditioner to kick into action. Once this is don’t, the unit will continue to run until such time as the temperature is evened out. You can probably see the issue with this, especially when the electric bill begins to raise considerably.

AC Repair in Martinsburg West Virginia

It is not a question of IF you will have problems with your air conditioning unit, but more a question of when. You do not typically have control over whether or not there will be an issue, however you can minimize the amount of maintenance needed so long as you follow the advice mentioned in this article, and of course make sure you listen to your air conditioning professional.

The inspections and maintenance can be a bit expensive, as you might imagine, but you will find that it is far cheaper to perform the pre-season checkups than it would be to replace compressor or any other expensive part within the air conditioning unit. Make sure you call on us the next time you need a hand with your air conditioning unit.

We will not only give you the best service, but we will do so as an insured and bonded company, ready to serve as your pleasure and make sure you are taken care of long after we leave.