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A/C Repair vs. AC Replacement Winchester, VA

If you’re a homeowner in Winchester, VA who must decide between A/C repair vs. replacement, it’s a good idea to consult with a certified technician at Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating. He will diagnose whether your unit is past its prime or A/C repair is advisable.

In most cases, air conditioners are fixable, but times are when repairs are no longer cost effective. Let’s explore the determining indicators on when to go with A/C repair and when to buy a new system.

Replace it: A/C Units Over 15-Years Old

Anytime an air conditioner lasts for 10-15-years, it’s had a good run. If your A/C frequently breaks down and it has surpassed the 15-year mark, replacement is your best option.

For example, when the compressor goes on an older unit, malfunctions may result from a different component. Sometimes the root problem isn’t evident until after the compressor is replaced.

The older the unit, the more often A/C repairs are needed. Major components of the unit should not fail frequently. If you continue paying big repair costs, you’re “throwing good money after bad”.

Replace it: Energy Bills Skyrocket

Do your energy bills increase every month? If your air conditioner is old and your energy bills are out-of-sight, give serious thought to buying a new unit.

In time, air conditioners become less efficient. Modernizing your system could result in a 20 percent annual savings of energy costs. Also, due to advancing technology, new HVAC systems are eco-friendlier and more energy efficient.

Replace it: Air Conditioner Works too Hard

If your air conditioner is running all the time on hot days, or if there are hot spots in some areas, you’re A/C is overworked and may need replacement. It’s normal for an air conditioner to suffer loss of efficiency due to ordinary wear and tear.

Because global temperatures keep rising, your old unit may be too small to keep up with these higher temperatures. You may need to upgrade the size of your unit when replacing it.

Replace it: About to Retire

You’re reaching retirement age. Maybe your HVAC is ready to retire too. If you’re experiencing some of the problems we’ve addressed, it might be best to replace your old air conditioner while you’re still employed.

A/C Repair – If your existing HVAC system is fairly new and you’ve had it serviced each year, A/C repairs make sense. Some issues that sound major to a layperson, often turn out to be an easy fix for a Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating certified technician.

Repair it: Frozen Coil

If you’re air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, it’s likely a frozen coil. First, check your air filter. If you don’t change it regularly, you may have a dirty filter, which restricts flow of conditioned air.

Next, try shutting off the A/C and setting your thermostat fan on “run”. The fan will run continuously and should melt the ice on the coil.

Do a visual on your ductwork. Any obstacles, crimps, etc.? Check air registers and move anything that is blocking them.

If these DIY measures don’t fix the problem, call your Winchester, VA HVAC services company. Your refrigerant line may be impaired, resulting in leakage.

Repair it: Moving

If you’re putting your house on the market and your HVAC system has been relatively trouble-free, repair it.

Repair it: Get More Mileage

Suppose your A/C has reached the “iffy” stage. The new has worn off, but it’s not that old. Maybe your finances won’t support replacing the unit immediately. Ask your Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating technician about professional tweaks and techniques to get more mileage from your system.

Final Words

Are you still uncertain whether your Winchester, VA home needs AC repair or replacement? Your best option is to get professional advice.

I need of AC repair services? Call us at 304.930.5417

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