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At Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating, ensuring you have the best experience possible is our number one priority. Whether it’s a new installation or routine maintenance, we’d love to hear back from you about your experience with our service.

Josh B

Had an outage at a property in Ranson, turned out to be a complete failure of unit on the week of Christmas. Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating was able to get out within a couple days and replace the old unit with a new one on December 23rd. Glad we could have heat for Christmas!

Alisa M.

Dennis rocks! Found a problem that was difficult to find and I am now fixed.

Bob J.

The auxiliary heating units on my heat pump were not working. I contacted Shenandoah and requested a service call since the temperature in the house was 47 degrees at the time. The customer service representatives I spoke with initially were extremely polite, understanding and professional. The service technician who responded to the call diagnosed the problem quickly and affected repairs in a very short time. The technician’s name was Chuck and one of the customer service representatives was Lauren. I wanted you to know that I am extremely pleased with the service I received on such a cold and busy day. Both representatives and technician deserve recognition for a job VERY well done!

Gail M.

We had to call Shenandoah HVAC to investigate musty smells coming out of the registers. They sent Terry (technician). I don’t know about the rest of the employees, but I can tell you, working with Terry was effortless. He cleaned the coils and investigated other sources of musty smell. He made great recommendations. He was professional, intelligent, and got the job done expertly. We were very pleased.

Casey D.

Your team of experts was fantastic, starting with Brian, who amazingly designed a solution to fix our crazy ductwork system. No one ever tells you, when you start making repairs, that your HVAC unit is only as good as your ductwork. We had five contractors try to diagnose the problems with our jerry-rigged system, but only Brian was able to make it WORK, and now our house feels like a real home, at last. Your technicians, Mike and Marty, put his idea into action and now it works so well, you’d think it was all new. We are extremely impressed with the entire process and would like to thank Brian, Mike and Marty.

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