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Heat Pumps And Furnaces: What’s The Difference?

Heat Pumps and Furnaces – What’s best for your West Virginia Home?

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head about the difference between heat pumps and furnaces, you’re not alone. Most people in West Virginia know what a furnace is; scary movies often depict the hulking black beast of an appliance lurking in the basement, belching flames and threatening to incinerate the hero. Your furnace may not be that terrifying, but, hopefully, it does emit heat that keeps your home toasty in the winter. A heat pump may be less familiar to you, especially if you live in a northern climate. Here’s a look at the similarities and differences:

  • Both products function to heat your home, but only the heat pump can also cool your home. If you live in a warm climate, a heat pump might meet your needs best.
  • Both products can run on electricity, but furnaces can also use natural gas, oil or propane, depending on the model. Some heat pumps are hybrid; they use gas to heat and electricity to cool.
  • Both products are available with smart technology. They will keep your West Virginia home at the temperature you desire while being very efficient.
  • There is one distinct difference between a heat pump’s heating method and a furnace. A furnace generates heat by using fuel or electricity, but the heat pump pulls heat directly from air outside (in moderate climates) or from the ground’s natural heat. This makes the heat pump an efficient choice.
  • Heat pumps and furnaces are located in different areas of your West Virginia home. A furnace will be installed in your house or garage, but a heat pump can only be installed outside. Heat pumps can be noisy, so it will need to be located away from a window or door.

Heat Pump or Furnace: Which Should You Install?

Choosing between a heat pump or furnace largely depends on your West Virginia home and what makes more sense for you and your family. One isn’t necessarily better than the other as it depends on a number of different variables. For example, heat pumps tend to be the best option in parts of West Virginia where electricity rates are lower. But climate can also have an effect on efficiency of the heat pump, in which case a furnace may make the most sense.

Ultimately, you should talk to an HVAC expert who understands the technical differences between a furnace and a heat pump, as well as what makes the most sense for your West Virginia home.

If you are ready to replace your existing furnace, deciding to purchase a new furnace or a heat pump comes down to your climate and the price of electricity in your area. Whichever your choice, be sure to use a qualified and well-recommended HVAC contractor in Hagerstown.

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