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Reliable Hagerstown AC Repair

During the winter, we think little of our AC and how it is running. When it is below freezing temperatures, the last thing we want on in our home is the AC. However, when the hotter temperatures hit and the AC doesn’t turn on, we regret not getting a maintenance check during the winter.  When you realize your AC isn’t working, call our Hagerstown AC repair.

Before you call on Shanandoah, there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure it isn’t a problem you can fix yourself. The first thing you can do is check your air filter. If it is very dirty, your AC could be clogged or you could have ruined your entire AC unit. These filters should be changed as often as possible and at least once a month.

The second thing you can do is make sure all of your vents are uncovered. If you aren’t feeling enough air in your home, some of your vents may be covered. If they are, it could also cause your AC to run longer because the thermostat will read as your home is still too hot. In the winter you may not have noticed it while you were bundled up, but as the heat hits you will notice the change.

Hagerstown AC Repair Service

As a Hagerstown AC repair service, we are dedicated to you. If you don’t know what is wrong with your AC, we will figure it out. Our technicians know HVAC like the back of their hands and conduct themselves professionally.

Although everyone on our staff is professional, they are easy to talk to. Don’t be afraid to ask us a question. We will be able to get an answer for you.

When our technicians go to your home, they will be on their best behavior and do their best not to disturb you so you are comfortable while they work. They will get their job done quickly and efficiently then be on their way.

While they are at your home fixing your AC, you can ask about maintenance on your heater. You want to make sure it is in good working order for the winter months. We do offer preventative maintenance so you won’t have to worry about your unit breaking down and losing it for good.

By not keeping up on your AC unit, you could put yourself at risk for heat related illnesses as well as other allergies. If your AC goes out, you can suffer heat strokes and feel ill due to the heat. If you have severe asthma, the heat can be a trigger.

If you do not change your air filter on a regular basis, you can also put yourself at risk for allergies. The filter blocks and collects dirt, dust and allergens. If these particles start coming through your vents you could experience allergy related symptoms.

Another reason why you should regular change your filter is because of the possibility of it clogging up your unit. If particles travel through your unit, it could cause parts of your unit to work harder than they should. If you don’t correct the problem, these parts could breakdown and you might lose the entire unit.

Your ductwork is also important to clean and check. A lot of things can dirty up your ductwork including unwanted guests. These guests can also create holes in your ductwork and cause other problems for you. Although you can clean your ductwork on your own, we can do that for you as well if you are incapable of doing so.

We are dedicated to our customers and will do our best to help them save energy and money. Set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature during the day and turn it up a little bit before bed so you can sleep comfortably. If you aren’t home, don’t set it at a low temperature so it’ll kick on every 10 minutes. It may be brutal when you walk in the door, but it will cool down.

When the other guys don’t offer quality work, call us and we will get the job done right the first time so you will be comfortable.

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