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Save Money On Your Winter Heating Bill

From the initial cost of a furnace to repairs to your monthly energy bill, you know how expensive winter can get when running your Martinsburg, WV heating system. Consider these few helpful tips that can save you big bucks all winter long.

Air is full of dust, hair, and a lot of other things you’d rather not think about. It is always important to change your air filter regularly, but it also helps heating efficiency when you use the right size of filter. It is also a good idea to check the inside and outside unit for debris and clear it away. Make sure your vents are clean of dust buildup and are not blocked by furniture or drapes.

Windows, Vents, Doors, And More

Make sure all doors and windows are shut tightly, and keep shades closed at night to conserve heat and open during the day to let the sunshine in. Seal air leaks around utility cut-throughs and replace old weather stripping of caulk where needed. Close off any attic vents or fans during the winter and check on how well the attic is insulated.

Adjust your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees lower while you are at work; this can save you up to 10 percent on you winter heating bill.  Get a humidifier to add moisture to the air and switch to LED lights in your holiday display. And, most importantly, don’t neglect furnace maintenance.

Heating units do age and can become faulty due to harsh weather or heavy use. It can generally save you money to call a trusted HVAC professional to do a service check-up, especially if you are experiencing specific problems. Don’t wait until you end up with a much more expensive problem.

Smile At Your Savings Or Upgrade

By taking these easy actions, you are most likely to see an improvement in your monthly and repair bills. What you do with your extra cash is totally up to you, but you might consider upgrading to a more energy efficient unit. The investment could save you even more over its life, putting a great deal more padding in your wallet. Either way, call your Martinsburg, WV HVAC repair technicians today.

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