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Seven Ordinary Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

Is your AC less powerful than it was last year? If it’s blowing hot air, then there’s a problem. Some situations you can take care of yourself, while others require an HVAC specialist, such as the team who comes out to perform the yearly maintenance and checkup service. Following are seven reason your air conditioner may be blowing hot air.

1.Thermostat not working

If the AC is blowing warm or hot air, check the thermostat. The controls may get bumped or adjusted by someone else. Set the fan to AUTO and the thermostat to COOL. Then compare the temperature you want with the current inside temperature to be sure the air conditioning should be running. It may already be cool enough in the room.

2.Power loss to the condensing unit

Does your AC system have a condensing unit outside and an evaporator/air handler unit inside? If the air handler works, the fan will blow air. A condenser unit that isn’t working as it should can’t provide the cooling needed, so the result is warm air blowing out of the events.

That scenario can happen when your condenser unit loses power, often due to a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If you discover that your outdoor AC unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker, talk with your HVAC service business. It may be time to upgrade your circuit breaker of fuse box. Updating the box is something an HVAC professional or certified electrician is qualified to do. It’s safe for you to check the emergency shutoff switch to confirm it didn’t get shut off by accident. That cuts the power for the condenser unit and results in warm air being blown from the AC.

Broken and leaky ducts

There are several ways to discover if your ducts have problems. You may be able to see some of the duct work or you may know when it was installed. If you:

  • see a piece hanging down because it has become disconnected
  • notice holes or cracks
  • know the ductwork is more than ten years old

it is likely time to replace the ducts. The above three items may result in an insufficient exchange of air to keep the ac working and cooled air escaping into the crawl space, attic, and between the walls of your home.

Dirty condenser coils

The ACs condenser unit releases heat outside of your home or building. The condenser coil is exposed to dirt, leaves, and grime. Bit by bit, the residue builds up until it affects the cooling ability of your unit, causing it to blow hot air.

Clogged air filter

Air conditioners require a flow of warm air over t he coils to work correctly. Reduced air flow affects your AC’s cooling ability. A dirty, dusty air filter blocks air from the system. The coils can’t remove heat and the fan ends up blowing heat back into the home. If it’s been awhile since the a/c’s last service, check the air filter and replace it, if needed. That often solves the problem!

Low refrigerant

A/C systems use refrigerant such as Freon to flow through a closed loop and bring about cooling power. A leak in the coils or refrigerant line causes cooling loss over time or suddenly. It’s usually detected when hot air starts blowing from the vent. Refrigerant should never be added until after the leak is fixed.

Blocked or closed return vents

Blocked air flow is another common reason an air conditioner blows hot air. Perhaps the vents were closed for the winter and the grilles have yet to be reopened for hot weather use. Sometimes pictures are hung over upper vents, while furniture is placed in front of the lower ones. Walk through the house to be certain returns and registers are clear from obstructions and open. When the air flows freely, it reduces hot air problems.

Call your air conditioning technicians for an appointment to evaluate the situation. They’ll let you know what’s needed to get your ac working as soon as possible.

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