Harper’s Ferry AC Repair Services that are a Must

We offer a wide variety for your air conditioning needs!

When it comes to AC repair, a full service company is best. At Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. we offer that full range of service. We offer services with integrity, professionalism and a personal touch that is so rare in businesses these days. We specialize in things like air conditioning, heating, and even geothermal systems that are energy efficient.

Harper’s Ferry AC Repair and Insulations

Regardless of whether you need new insulation, a new air conditioning system, or simply maintenance or repair on your existing system, our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge that is necessary to complete the job without interrupting your comfort. For those in need of a new system, we offer a free assessment so we can design a system that is the ideal solution for your heating and cooling needs, as well as your budget. We also have special offers and even offer payment options.

Harper’s Ferry AC Repair Residential Services Assists with Air Quality

The air quality inside your home is very important. We offer complete residential cleaning services for your air ducts that will keep your home free from mold spores, pollen, dust and more, which will greatly improve the air quality. In addition, when you keep your air ducts clean, energy efficiency improves. This service also works to reduce the potential for mold to grow and eliminates odors. While we are there doing your maintenance, we will test the air quality inside your home. We use only the very latest in Rotobrush equipment and as such, our service technicians will make certain your home has clean air.

You need a Harper’s Ferry AC Repair Company That Deals with Heating too

It does not matter if you have a hot water heater, boiler, heat pump, or furnace. Even if your system is electric, oil or gas, we can both repair and replace any type of heating system. Additionally, our technicians are able to recommend the best options for your home or business. We offer heating systems that are Energy Star rated. These will allow for you to save as much as 30% when it comes to heating costs during the colder months. This savings can far surpass the cost of the systems quickly.

Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Systems are also available from the Best Harper’s Ferry AC Repair Company

Not everyone is familiar with these systems yet, but we are. This type of system works by tapping into the temperatures underground that are steady in order to keep the temperature of your business or home regulated with a high degree of efficiency. The technicians here at Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. can install and then service these geothermal systems in order to enhance your year around heating and cooling performance while also providing you with long term energy savings that can be substantial.

Get Your Maintenance Agreement from a 24hr Harper’s Ferry Commercial AC Repair Company

Maintenance agreements come in handy. With a maintenance agreement for the heating and cooling system in your home or office, you will have comfort you can count on. Preventative maintenance is actually a cost effective way to make sure that your system performs efficiently all year long. With the preventive maintenance agreement you will get:

  • Priority service in regards to customers who do not have a maintenance agreement. This can be the difference in having a technician out today or having to wait until tomorrow.
  • If parts are necessary, maintenance agreement holders will get a 10% discount, although charges for a regular service call will be applied.
  • In the spring and again in the fall, a technician will come out and inspect your system and clean it.

With a maintenance agreement, you can avoid breakdowns that end up expensive. We catch small issues before they turn into disastrous ones. You will get peak performance and your energy costs for the year will be substantially lower because of this.

A Few Tips from the best AC Repair Services in Harper’s Ferry

Here are a few tips that will save you time, energy and money.

  • Make sure that you change or at least clean your air filter once a month. Also make sure that you have the right size so that debris doesn’t get in and block the flow of air
  • If your home or office was constructed before 1980 then you might want to consider getting new insulation so that your heating and cooling will be more efficient
  • You can reduce the energy costs in your home or business with the use of ceiling fans that are energy efficient. These fans will circulate the air and they only cost about $7 a month to run continuously

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