Things You Should Consider When Buying a Furnace

It may still be summer, but fall and winter are closer than you think. And the last thing you want is to be stuck in the cold without a properly-operating heating system. So if you find yourself in need of a furnace, there are certain heating options available to you that you should consider before you buy.

There are a number of different factors that can affect the performance of your heater. Plus, there are other factors, such as your home and your budget, that you should also consider before  buying. So let’s get started:

Furnace Efficiency:

You should try to buy the most efficient furnace you can afford. Minimum-efficiency furnaces reach 80% AFUE.  But high-end furnaces are able to reach 97% efficiency (obviously this model is much more expensive).  A high efficiency furnace can result in a lower monthly utility bill for you, but again, only buy the furnace you can afford.

Fuel Source:

You can either choose a gas, electric, or oil heating furnace. Each type of fuel source has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, oil or propane furnaces require more storage. An electric furnace on the other hand can lead to a much higher electricity bill each month. Ultimately, the choice of what type of furnace will depend on your home.

Indoor Air Quality:

When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? If you don’t know the answer, your indoor air quality may be significantly lower than you realize. When you have your new furnace installed, you should ask the technician to take a look at your ducts and see how clean they are. Additionally, your furnace filter should be changed twice a year.

Furnace Installation:

The quality of the installation can greatly affect the performance of your furnace.  If the furnace is installed improperly, it can cause performance issues in the long run. When you find an HVAC technician, make sure to do your research and vet the technician and the company thoroughly.


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AC Repair in Hagerstown

Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating:
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Comfort is important to everyone. When the temperature outside starts creeping up toward triple digits or dropping down near the freezing point, people want to be able to enjoy the comforts of their home instead of experiencing the uncomfortable weather outdoors. Of course, when your AC isn’t working, escaping the heat proves impossible, as not even staying inside provides refuge; that’s why everyone should have a trusted AC repair company. In Hagerstown, that AC repair company is Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating.

Why We’re the Best

Shenandoah employs certified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals to ensure that the needs of every customer are met. What does being a certified HVAC professional mean? It means that the technicians at Shenandoah have passed certification tests designed to ensure that they have all of the necessary knowledge to perform installation and repair duties for a wide range of HVAC and insulation systems. In other words, whether you want a new system installed or simply need your existing system fixed, Shenandoah can fulfill your needs, and we make sure to get the job done correctly the first time around. After all, is there anything worse than thinking your AC is fixed, only to continue sweating out long summer days inside your home? Of course not, and Shenandoah understands.

Shenandoah’s commitment to providing the Hagerstown area with the best AC repair extends beyond having a team of certified repair specialists. Whenever you call Shenandoah about your HVAC needs, we make sure to get somebody out to look at and assess your problem as soon as possible. In addition to handling normal AC repair jobs, we make sure that we can be there for customers in the event of an emergency also. You can even call us if you have a problem in the middle of the night. Whether your unit stops working, freezes up, or experiences any other issue, we make sure to get someone there sooner than any other company, and that’s why Shenandoah repair technicians have the fastest response times in the country.

Offering Convenient Services

At Shenandoah, we know that nobody plans to have their air conditioning or heating system stop working, and that it always seems to happen at the least convenient time possible. We strive to provide our excellent services while keeping costs convenient to our customers because we know these services can sometimes become costly. We frequently offer specials on repairs and new systems, which also include installation by our skilled technicians. In addition to the installation and repair staff, Shenandoah features a well-trained sales staff that can guide you through the process of getting your system fixed or replaced. They can also set up customers on special financing plans at the customer’s request.

Once our qualified professional has finished getting your system back to normal or setting up your new system, we want to help you keep it running in perfect condition. Our technicians will be happy to provide you tips to keep your unit running efficiently, and you can visit our Maintenance Agreement page to see how we continue to provide for our customers even after the job is completed. At Shenandoah, we mean it when we say that we are committed to providing our clientele with the most reliable AC repair, and our maintenance agreement provides assurance of that fact.

In addition to providing the best AC repair services in Hagerstown, we also want to provide the best products. If you call Shenandoah about a new AC unit, our highly educated sales staff will be able to answer any questions you have about the top-notch systems available for you to choose from. Nothing runs like a Trane, and you’ll find that Shenandoah has a host of Trane products that can be heating and cooling your home in no time. When you combine quality service with a quality product, you cannot go wrong. That’s why Shenandoah features many satisfied customers, and you can be our next one.

We worked hard to establish our reputation as a premier HVAC repair and installation company. It’s why we only employ certified repair technicians and make sure that our sales staff go through the best training programs. Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating aims to respond to any customer’s call in a timely manner and with excellent service. We provide a wide range of services for all of our clients, and we have many options, including financing and special offers, to make our services convenient to everyone. We provide an extensive maintenance agreement to allow us to continue serving our customers even after the initial repair is complete. In short, Shenandoah wants to remain the best AC repair company in Hagerstown. Call us at (304) 930-5417 or visit our website to learn more.