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Affordable AC Repair In Hagerstown For Your Home

Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating, Your Local AC Repair Specialists

Ah, summer: the most emphatic banishment of winter and a time to enjoy swimming, baseball, cookouts, and a leisurely family vacation. When you return home from any of those activities, you expect to walk in your front door to a burst of cool air from your summer sanctuary. But sometimes there’s a different sensation as a stale, warm, and humid air envelops your body—and sends a shiver down your spine.

Maybe you knew your air conditioning unit was getting a little older, maybe you thought you could skip the pre-summer inspection and save a few bucks. Maybe you’re just now realizing that your gamble hasn’t paid off, your refrigerator has been working overtime to try and keep up, and you need to call someone. Now.

That is why Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating in Hagerstown is here for you.

The Local AC Repair Experts You Need

We don’t just have an office located locally—we are a local company. Above all else, we provide one product: peace of mind. Our quality, reliable and services mean that you get the best AC repair, as well as the most affordable AC repair in Hagerstown. Our certified technicians provide top-quality repairs to your existing units. Additionally, they will communicate with you at every step to ensure that you know the exact nature of the problem and the solution. In addition to our broad-based knowledge of air conditioning systems, we are certified specialists in Trane products, the most reliable and trusted brand of heating and cooling systems.

Shenandoah Air also offers maintenance agreements that, with a small investment, provide regularly scheduled maintenance appointments to check and prepare your air conditioning unit before the stresses of summer. Our agreement includes two pre-season inspections, a ten-percent discount on all repair parts, five-percent discount on new equipment and installation, and priority service—often same day.

Not Sure What You Need (or What You Don’t)? Let Us Provide Clarity.

Is it supposed to make that sound? How long should it last? Is the repair really worth it, or should I just get a new unit? How do I find out what I need and which company offers the best quality and value? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you should get in touch with one of our dedicated comfort consultants at Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating. We offer free home and business consultations to help plan and design new systems for your living and work space. We can also provide financing to help defray the immediate cost of replacing your air conditioning unit.

Just as you trust us to keep your existing system in peak condition, let us guide you through the process to add or install new cooling systems. We can help streamline the experience and make sure you get exactly what you pay for—and that you pay only for what you need. New air conditioning systems can be a great investment as continual improvements in technology make units more energy efficient and save you money during months of peak usage.

Whether for your new or existing unit, be sure to keep the area around the unit clear of debris that could block airflow into the system. Use automatic settings on your thermostat to adjust the temperature when you’re away and save from overly cooling an empty home. (Adding or replacing your insulation as well as sealing cracks in your doors or windows are other smart investments to help with cooling costs.) And don’t forget the power of ceiling fans to cool you down and evenly circulate air throughout your house.

More than Just the Best AC Repair

professional AC repair service

Our experts at Shenandoah Air Conditioning and Heating do more than just repair or install air conditioning units. We also service heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, all-in-one systems, ductless systems, thermostats, air filters, and humidifiers.

Specialty services include geothermal systems and indoor air quality and mold remediation. Geothermal systems make use of the earth’s underground temperatures to provide consistent, efficient air temperatures in your home. Shenandoah Air offers both maintenance and installation of geothermal systems. Our indoor air quality and mold remediation services include air quality tests and duct cleaning to remove pollen and mold from your air conditioning system.

If it’s part of the system that makes the air in your home or office comfortable and clean in Hagerstown, we’re the folks to call. We offer a one-hundred-percent satisfaction guarantee and the friendly, professional AC repair service you deserve at every step of the way, from your first phone call to the final minute of your service visit.


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